Viafree Moving to Pluto TV

Viafree will be shut down on May 25th. In the future, you will be able to follow your favorite series on Pluto TV, which will be launched in Sweden / Norway / Denmark on 18th of May. You can download the app on your device from May 18th.

Pluto TV is a free streaming platform owned by ViacomCBS, and featuring content from Viaplay. In the future, the service will include local favorites such as Paradise, Lyxfällan and Familien fra Bryggen, along with international content from ViacomCBS 'program portfolio such as "The Hills", "Awkward", "MTV Unplugged" and "Catfish" as well as content from several partners packaged in thematic channels such as Pluto TV Movies, Pluto TV Crime, Pluto TV History and Pluto TV Comedy.

In connection with the shutdown, we will delete all data linked to your use of Viafree. Your Viafree account will be deleted after the 25th of May if you have not used the account on Viaplay. If, on the other hand, you have used the same account for both Viaplay and Viafree, your login information will remain, but data linked to Viafree will still be deleted. We will not share any information about you to Pluto TV.

You will be able to follow our popular series such as The Luxury Trap, Paradise, Days of Our Lives and much more also on Pluto TV.

Yes, you can continue to follow Days of Our Lives even via Pluto TV. You can download the app or use the service on your computer from May 18th.

Viafree User Accounts

Viafree uses algorithms to offer our users the best recommendations possible so you can find content that you might enjoy watching. With an account you can also continue watching where you left off from any device by storing where you left off in an episode or film on your account. As an account holder you can also create a list of favorite programs you want to stay up to date on and not miss new content as it’s released.

Viafree and Viaplay are part of the same organisation, Nordic Entertainment Group. We provide both ad based content in Viafree as well as subscription based content in Viaplay. However, this does not mean you can always expect the same content in both. We use this account information to better provide you the best services possible.

Viafree is a separate product from Viaplay and is made available to users with or without a Viaplay account. We base our product on the ability to show ads and that’s how this product can continue to provide you a service independent of Viaplay.

Viafree runs completely on ads and will never ask you for a credit card or any other payment method.

Users can create an account from their computers or phones either in the browsers or in our apps.

This information is to help us provide the best advertising experience as well as ensure that you are above 15 years old.

Based on Article 16 of the TFEU the European Parliament and the Council adopted the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which applies as of 25 May 2018. Article 8 outlines rules regarding children’s consent to the processing of their personal data (including the data’s use) in relation to information society services offered directly to children. In this regard, the regulation specifies that, for children under 16, the holder of parental responsibility shall give or authorize consent. However, Member States may provide for a lower age if this is not below 13 years. National legal provisions still apply if the matter falls outside of the GDPR’s scope. Therefore, Viafree has chosen to follow the national legal provisios and set this to 15 years' consent. Click here to read more about our consent policy.

No. Viafree will never ask you for your password. You can also easily change your password quickly from the site at any time.

Viafree Content

Viafree’s content is based on rights to publish and as a product these are purchased separately from Viaplay as these are two separate services based on two different business models. Therefore, content may not always be available in both platforms and may be available at different times.

Usually we provide this information in orange text under your favorite programs. We also use our feature box in the start page to provide you the most up to date information. If you want to stay up to date, we recommend you follow the latest releases slider on the start page as well as add your favorite programs to your list. As an account holder you can create a list of favorite programs you want to stay up to date on and not miss new content as it’s released.

Some of our content in Viafree is locked to the region based on publishing rights and this means you cannot watch content from outside of the region you are watching from.

Based on publishing rights, we may not always have the same content available in all markets at the same time. This also goes for our own productions.

Based on publishing rights this length may vary, but we always try to let users know if the content will be unpublished if 30 days or less.

As of today, we purchase subtitles for our 4 markets which are Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. Each subtitle is purchased separately and we have no plans to include English subtitles at this time.

Since Viafree is subject to Ofcom's regulations, we must have an 18-year age limit for a few programs with content that may be considered unsuitable for minors.

We are always interested in finding out what kind of content our viewers are interested in. Go to the Viafree Facebook page and share in the messenger what you would like us to show more of.

Advertising on Viafree

Viafree’s business model is an advertising based streaming service and runs solely on the ads we show in our product. In order for us to continue to build and improve our product, we need these ads to fund our continued support and development as well as new and exciting content.

Viafree is constantly looking for new ways to provide the best content and product for our users and that includes finding the perfect balance between ads and content. We continuously strive to improve the amount of ads based on content length so that our users can enjoy the content with the least amount of interruptions as possible.

Based on the business model of ad based streaming services, we cannot provide a way for skipping ads at this time.

The setup of the ad breaks are intended to be placed at the best possible time. Sometimes this is not always the case and we are constantly trying to improve this break model.

There are several reasons why an ad may buffer. Bad connection or broken ads are normally the culprit. We are constantly working towards improved streaming experience. If you find you have a lot of buffering issues, please reach out to our customer support at Facebook.

The encoding of the ad content is separate from the content we encode for Viafree. Each advertisement must follow our spec recommendations, but there might be ads that pass through that are not fully following our spec sheet. This may feel like the audio might be louder based on what content you are currently listening to.

Viafree General FAQ

We are currently present in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

Viafree has decided that due to the lack of support from manufacture and technical difficulties supporting/updating the Samsung 2015/2016 models, that we will drop support for these two year models going forward. This will be done affective immediately. Customers that have these models and are experiencing issues starting/playing in the apps should be redirected to one of our other supported devices. Please contact our Customer Support in Facebook if you have further questions.

We support computers, mobile phones, as well as Chromecast devices and bigscreens such as Samsung TV, tvOS and Android TV. Click here to read more about our devices we support.

We previously supported a PS4 app, but we decided to no longer support this device due to low usage and refer all our users to one of our other preferred devices. Click here to read more about our devices we support.

We support Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Edge browsers.
To maintain the best product, we always test in the latest versions of these supported browsers. If you have difficulty with the product, please try to update to the latest version of your browser.

We are happy to help you in our Facebook page. We are also in Instagram in all markets under viafreesverige viafreenorge, viafreefi and viafreedk. Feel free to follow us.

Buffering problems are most often network-related and therefore it is good to ensure that the network works properly. We at Viafree use Adaptive Streaming, which means that if the internet connection or speed is unstable, the quality of the stream will be adjusted automatically. In the worst case, it starts to buffer if the connection is temporarily lost.

First, we would like you to test your current speed at http://www.bredbandskollen.se/ . Below you see our recommended levels for download.

3.0 megabits per second - recommended for SD quality

Under 20ms is excellent for Response Time , while under 100ms is still good. If the response time is over 100ms, we recommend that you move closer to the router and disconnect other unused devices. It is also worth reconnecting your device to the wifi and finally restarting the router if the above does not help. A higher response time can mean that Internet-based services take longer to load and that the material you are trying to view starts to buffer.